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Seventeenth International Conference on Design Principles & Practices

It was great to meet other designers and researchers from around the world while presenting my research at a recent international design conference in Lisbon.

I'm working on a new design tool that designers can use to incorporate emotional design strategies into their work as part of my PhD study, which focuses on emotional design, specifically for the furniture design industry.

The tool, a vibrant deck of cards, is intended to be simple and fun to use, with bite-sized information presented in a structured and accessible way.

The tool was created after extensive research and analysis, interviews with designers and customers, analysis of sales and trend data, and review of existing literature.

Initial testing of the tool through student workshops has shown how it promotes collaboration and inspires designers to think creatively, taking into account how Emotional Design techniques can be used to create intriguing designs.

A workshop with designers from industry will be the next step in the tool's development, and it will take place in July 2023. Please contact me through my website if you're interested in participating.

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