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Course Director, Design at Staffordshire University

I’m the Course Director for Design at Staffordshire University. I look for opportunities for students to collaborate across courses on live projects, competitions and partnerships with industry.

I'm the Course Leader for Future Mobility: Transport Design BA (Hons) and the Co-Course Leader for Product, Furniture, Ceramics BA (Hons)

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Emotional Design Research

My PhD focuses on Emotional Design, particularly within the furniture industry. Emotional Design considers the meaning of the objects we love, as well as their functional and aesthetic values.

By applying Emotional Design strategies to the design of new products, they can be more appealing to consumers and help develop attachment and brand loyalty.


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Recent Emotional Design Studies

Consumer Survey

I've surveyed 275 people about the furniture they love.  Rich data taps into the reasons behind the success of these products and sheds light on how to produce new products that become firm consumer favourites.

Trend Report Review

A review of existing trend reports and sales data has revealed 10 key themes that are popular in today's competitive marketplace.

1-1 Consumer Interviews

In a series of in-depth consumer interviews, the stories behind the objects have been revealed and interpretive coding has produced a framework that support the design process.

Parallel Lines

 Upcoming Research 

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